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  • Black Badge Course
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Welcome Shooters

Good day to all Nanaimo action shooters promotes IPSC style shooting matches on the Island. We offer a low key atmosphere for new shooters and a great place for the high end competitive shooter to hone there skills. There is also training available to make it easy for new shooters to participate in our matches. You will be able to train with experienced shooters which will help them to compete safely in a course of fire and make it so enjoyable that they will have a hard time waiting for there first match. We follow the same rule book as the world IPSC body which helps the competitors that want to venture over to the Provincial sanctioned matches that are held throughout the province. We are also affiliated the Independent Shooting league has matches in Nanaimo, Victoria and Campbell River.

If you have any interest in learning more about our sport and league please contact me via email at or contact the representative in your area.

Cheers, DVC